Build to Solve the Cause Not the Symptom

29 April 2019 — Written by Aswin

Solve the cause and the symptoms will take care of themselves.

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What Should I be doing ?

22 March 2019 — Written by Aswin

Thoughts on winging it through life

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How I reduced the size of my React Native App by 86%

09 May 2018 — Written by Aswin

Nobody wants to download a todo list app that costs 25mb of bandwidth and another 25 MB of storage space.

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Thoughts on Lisp

28 April 2018 — Written by Aswin

Lisp is awesome, lisp can make you the 10x programmer, Lisp is the Hero we need

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Switching to Elementary OS, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

13 April 2018 — Written by Aswin

Spoiler: there is no ugly

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